Recumbent Exercise Bikes vs. Treadmills– Which Are Better?

A showdown of Recumbent Exercise Bikes vs. Treadmills

Everyone wants to give their body a thorough workout otherwise the time taken on an exercise period is a waste.  Effective work outs don’t need to be too hard but it needs to be able to give the entire body a workout for it to do any good and be effective.  Exercising isn’t just about losing excess weight, it’s about keeping the body in shape and healthy.

Everyone wants to choose the right equipment but which is the best?  There are lots of different options to consider from the usual weight lifting machines to the newer craze dances.  Though, two very popular home work out equipment pieces being used are the treadmill and recumbent exercise bikes.  They are both great, there is no arguments about that but which are better?

Treadmills and Their Uses

A walking machine is good because a runner can choose to take a slow brisk walk or a fast sprint.  Runners can set their own pace and someone can walk for miles in the privacy of their own home.  There are also manual running machines or motorized running machines and the speeds which they can reach can be very impressive, up to fifteen miles per hour but of course it all depends on the type of treadmill the runner has.

Treadmills can offer incline so that runners can get the feeling as though they are running up a hill.  However, you can take a job, a slow walk, jog or a full run on these machines.  They do offer lots of quality of course.

Recumbent Bikes to Choose

When someone uses one of the best recumbent exercise bike, they are going to find that they get a full work out whilst sitting down.  Many probably don’t think that is possible but actually it is.  You ride this like a usual station unit with the exception that you have a reclined seat which allows the rider to lie down and pedal whilst in a comfortable position.  The pedals are to the front of the bike rather than in the middle of the unit as what they would be if someone were bicycling on a standard bicycle.

However, you do not put any stress or pressure onto the shoulders, arms, or even their neck because of the reclined seat.  The usual bike instead allows the rider to pedal and get a normal workout while in the laid back position.

Though, these are going to be great gym equipment to use especially for those who have problems with balance or recovering from injuries to their legs.  The stationary tools are low impact which means less pressure on the legs and body but still, the cyclists are getting a full on and great cardio workout.

Stationary Bikes Are Better For Those Who Have Bad Pain or Injuries

Let’s just say a rider wanted to use a normal bike to work out but had a lot of back problems, mainly resulting in pain sitting in the upright position rigid for too long.  With a treadmill or normal stationary bike, the rider would be in pain very quickly and very easily because they would be upright for most of the time.  This is simply not good for those people, however, with the recumbent tools, they have the ability to take a more comfortable position.

Cyclists can choose the reclined seat which allows them to feel comfortable whilst bicycling.  Their backs don’t feel discomfort because of the bucket like seat which is more often than not, padded and offers good back support.

What You Should Consider

For professional cyclists, the treadmill is not going to be best for them.  Treadmills are fantastic gym equipment but for those who especially want to concentrate on bicycling or are semi professional cyclists, then the normal units are best!  What is more, if the cyclist does suffer from joint pain then treadmills may not offer the best support either.  They can find with the bikes, they are doing low impact work outs which of course mean less impact on the joints which ultimately means less pain.

The amount of calories that someone can burn also varies.  Treadmills can burn hundreds of calories with a thirty minute walk, and with a cycle of thirty minutes, it too can burn hundreds.  Though, the exact amounts can vary from person to person and how fast they are running or bicycling.

Your Choice

If some doesn’t like running or walking for long periods of time then the treadmill is not for them!  Cycling however might be and they could try the Horizon Fitness RC-30 to help get them started.  It’s one of the best recumbent exercise bike to buy but of course the rider has lots of options to consider.

It’s important to really think about what the person wants personally, because if someone doesn’t want to run or jog or doesn’t want to cycle then it will have a big impact on the new exercise equipment they choose.  Sometimes, cycling is easier to start out with because it’s less strain on the legs and body.  Cyclists can even sit back and relax when cycling with the recumbent units.


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