Don’t Be Put Off by the Strength of Bands

A woman using resistance bands

We hear about resistance bands and their benefits from every side nowadays, but one question remains: do we need to be strong to use resistance tubes? Despite your apprehensions and doubts, the answer is no, you don’t have to since they are designed to develop your strength through tension.

Strength and its Levels

Bands are strips of latex or rubber that are either dipped or extruded. Used in workouts, they serve many purposes such as developing muscles, losing weight, and improving your health. They are made with various levels in mind so everyone, even the elderly, can exercise with them.

If you want a more in-depth read about the topic, have a look at the top picks and a buying guide. It goes through all the different types of tubes and their levels, the reasons why you should buy them as well as how to choose the ones that fit you best.

The Different Levels of Tension

In fact, three general levels of resistance are made for every kind of person or stage in your training. These come in three different levels that are color-coded for the most part. There is the light, medium, and heavy band.

  • Light: They’re perfect for beginners, older adults, people suffering from certain afflictions, and people with less strength. If you haven’t trained in a long time, you’ll find it easier to go with these first. It has low resistance of about 4 to 6 pounds.
  • Medium: Fit for those of average strength and in good shape already and want a general workout, or those wishing to get to the next stage. Its resistance revolves around 8 to 12 pounds
  • Heavy: These are for the most experienced users or the strongest. The tension you get from training with them is much greater and usually stands from 12 to 20 pounds.

Dumbbells and Other Exercising Tools

You possess a wide range of exercises to explore with resistance tubes unlike with dumbbells and workout machines that always end up being repetitive and make you hit a plateau. When your body perceives no challenges by doing the same exercises over and over again, it becomes efficient and you stop gaining benefits. Fortunately, bands are adaptable and allow endless possibilities through more freedom of movement and a wider range of motion to train for all ages and types of strength, just like the Aylio’s loop bands are better fit for people in physical therapy or rehabilitation and those who desire a lower body workout.

Training Possibilities

There are several exercises available to all levels of users, from beginners to the more experienced ones.  Here are a few exercises for you to do gradually and changes to add in order to prove you there’s no need to be strong to train with bands as it adapts to everyone:

Bicep Curl: You do not need many accessories as bands can be used alone for exercises such as the bicep curl, which consists of standing on a band and adding resistance by stepping closer to its handle or stepping away from it to make it lighter and pulling your forearm up.

Variety: Since muscles quickly adapt to regular movements, you need to challenge them by adding variety in your training. It’s best to alternate between dumbbells, machines, resistance tubes, and other exercising tools for variety and constant challenging of your muscles. There are many ways to use resistance cords, including on your own, without any accessories, and with weights so you get the benefits of two different exercises.

Routine: You know these boring push-ups and your usual weights for biceps curls? You can replace the latter with resistance cords for an easy change of routine, adjusting the intensity with your desire, while the push-ups’ tension and diversity can be increased thanks to them. There’s no need for a new routine that is overly complicated.

Full-Body Workout: It is possible to do a complete workout with tubes that challengers every major every one of your muscle groups. You simply have to vary the intensity by giving the tube more or less slack in order to adjust it to your very needs.

It is Adaptable to Your Strength

There’s no reason for your not to train using resistance cords if your excuse is your fear of not being strong enough, or perhaps too strong, as it’s versatile and fits everyone depending on your personal workout level. There are at least three levels for you to go through as you progress: light, medium, and heavy. It is also possible to add variety to your training and to do a full-body workout, depending on your wants. Don’t fret: there’s a level of tension and exercises fit for you with resistance bands.


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