Obama Says AIA Only Went About Halfway on Patent Reform

ObamaLast week, President Obama appeared on Google + Hangout to review topics he covered in his State of the Union address.  One big topic that he addressed was the need for more patent reform.

Specifically, he castigated patent trolls.  They don’t actually produce anything, but are “just trying to essentially leverage and hijack somebody else’s idea and see if they can extort some money out of them.”

He called on Congress to pass additional patent reform legislation.  The AIA “only went about halfway to where we need to go.”  He called for involvement from more stakeholders to build consensus on “smarter” patent laws.

The president also addressed internet issues such as privacy and civil liberties and also called for high schools to become more “high tech.”  He did recognize the need for IP laws to promote innovation.

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2 Responses to “Obama Says AIA Only Went About Halfway on Patent Reform”

  1. Stuart Saunders Says:

    Barry, yer not bloody rong there mate.

    Will inventors ever get a say in the laws that totally govern THEIR inventions?

    Now that you have passed “First to Steal”, watch – original – US invention & innovation plummet to near zero.

    The patent system kills most inventions, and also the odd inventor.

    Stuart Saunders.
    Intellectual Property Rightful Owners Action Group.
    reform at iproag dot org

  2. Stuart Saunders Says:

    Including the US’s best inventor, but now nobody even knows his name. Only that of his tormentor.

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