Judge Arthur J. Gajarsa to Take Senior Status

Judge Gajarsa is becoming the most recent Federal Circuit judge to step down from active duty on the court.  He will take senior status on July 31.  Judge Gajarsa, 70, was appointed to the Federal Circuit in 1997 by President Clinton.

Other Judges and Possible Vacancies

The senior active judge on the court is Pauline Newman.  Judge Newman, 84, was appointed to the court by President Reagan in 1984.  She hasn’t given any indication that she may retire, but at her age you never know.

Judge Alan Lourie, 76, has been on the court since 1990.  He is also eligible for senior status.

Chief Judge Randall Rader, 62, would be eligible for senior status in 2014.

Judge William Bryson, 65, has been a member of the court since 1994.  He is eligible for senior status.

Judge Richard Linn, 67, joined the court in 2000.  Judge Linn will become eligible for senior status in 2013.

Judge Timothy Dyk, 74, has also been on the court since 2000.  He is eligible for senior status.

Judge Sharon Prost, 60, has been on the court since 2001.  She will be eligible for senior status in 2016.

Judges Kimberly Moore, 43, Kathleen O’Malley, 55, and Jimmie Reyna, 58, each have a number of years before they will be eligible for senior status.

There is also another vacancy on the court as Congress has not acted on Edward DuMont’s nomination since April 2010.

There are now two vacancies on the 12 seat court, with 4 additional judges eligible to step down.  In the next 3 years, 2 additional judges could also take senior status.  A near complete transformation of the court is and will be taking place in the near future.

HT:  Hal Wegner

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2 Responses to “Judge Arthur J. Gajarsa to Take Senior Status”

  1. trademarkapplication2011 Says:

    Here is a similar story

    Back in the “good ol’ days,” the Supreme Court rarely granted review of a Federal Circuit case involving patent law doctrines. One such “rare” instance where the Supreme Court did review (and partially affirmed and partially overturned the Federal Circuit) was the 2002 case of Festo Corp. v. Shoketsu Kinzoku Kogyo Kabushiki Co. involving when the doctrine of prosecution history estoppel barred an assertion of patent infringement based on the doctrine of equivalents when there was any amendment that narrowed the patent claim at issue.” See When Patent Doctrines Collide: Supreme Court Rules Claim Amendments Do Not Necessarily Preclude Assertion of Infringing Equivalents.

  2. Evan Wallach Nominated to Federal Circuit « INVENTIVE STEP Says:

    [...] President Obama has nominated Judge Evan Wallach to the seat that Judge Gajarsa will be vacating when he assumes senior status.  Judge Wallach is currently a judge on the Court of International Trade, a position he has held [...]

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