best resistance bands

Best Resistance Bands – With Resistance Bands Reviews

A tube, flat, or loop resistance band? Fit tube or clip tube?  Exercises or therapy bands, or fitness tubing? I know, this is all very confusing. Deciding which one to buy can be very tricky due to all those unfamiliar terms and different types of the product, but don’t worry, I’ll make it clearer so by the end of this page you’ll have a better understanding of bands and their uses, and even your opinion as to which to buy.

They might bear many names, but a resistance band is at first a rubber strip employed for strength training and physical therapy or rehabilitation. Of course, it holds many more beneficial properties than you think, which you need to be aware of so as to make an intelligent choice and pick a type that fits you and your fitness goal.

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best recumbent bike

Recumbent Bike Reviews – The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

Stationary exercise bikes have fast become a major part of home fitness today.  In recent years the number of people considering using stationary bicycles has soared but it has meant more people have been able to afford these fitness items.  As the numbers of people interested in professional cycling and general fitness rise, home gym equipment has become more affordable and easy to use.

People want easy gym equipment they can use and bicycles are certainly very simple to use.  They do not require a lot of skill or time to set up and use either.  What is more, they are the perfect beginner tool especially for those who are interesting in cycling.  The strain is very little but they do offer power and the chance to improve on your fitness.

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best inversion table

Inversion Table Reviews – Find the Best Inversion Table

Are you suffering from back pain? Do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and sore? Then an Inversion Therapy Table may be the answer for you. Inversion Therapy uses a flatbed feature that is padded and is connected to a metal frame with hinges. You step into the device, strap yourself in and slowly move the table so that it is in an upside down position. In theory, putting your body in an upside down position helps to take the pressure off the discs, bones and joints in your lower back. It is sometimes called gravitational traction.

That is why this type of therapy may be the answer to your problems. It not only removes the pressure on your spine but can help to relax the muscles. Many people who have suffered with lower back pain have used this therapy and have found significant relief from the pain.

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best pull up bar

Best Pull Up Bar: Top 5 Pull Up Bar Reviews

A week barely goes by without a new and innovative form of workout breaking on to the market.  Since the birth of Jazzercise in the 60s, the fusion of different forms of exercise has offered almost limitless possibilities for new products and routines.  But in this rich landscape, some staples of the training circuit are so elemental that they will never be eclipsed; the push-up, the crunch and perhaps the most iconic – the chin-up.

Characterised by their simplicity, and relying mainly on resistance against your own body weight to strengthen and tone muscle, exercises like these require little or no equipment.  Chin-ups are the exception to the rule here and the market is replete with options to cater every need.  Indeed, it can be confusing when trying to work out which setup is right for your home gym.  Fear not dear reader, for what follows will demystify the process and make choosing the right equipment for you simple.

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